Monday, November 03, 2008

Weekly Update

This blog is turning into a 1x a week update of my workouts! I'll try to do better, but it just seems like by the time I get the kids into bed, get my workout done and get us all ready for the next day, it's time for the 10 pm news and bed! So, here are my updates...

Sunday, 11/2 - P90X - Chest and Back, 52 minutes
First, lemme say CONGRATS to everyone who ran NYC! I recorded the coverage, but have only had the chance to watch a little of the beginning. It's by far my favorite marathon and one I have vowed to do again before I hit the big 4-0....even if it means doing all those long runs in the Houston summer heat. Getting back to my workouts - I started using the hubby's bands on this workout, because they provide much more resistance than the ones I've been using. Wow, what a difference! I could barely do all the push ups by the time I made it to the 2nd round of exercises, because my arms felt like jello!

Saturday, 11/1 - WFit Long Run - 10 miles (actually 10.8),
I was extremely nervous about this run. I wanted to opt for the 7 miler, but I knew I needed to do this. This would be the longest distance since getting back into running after the baby and even though I've run this distance dozens of times before, I was scared. Scared because getting back into running again has been tough. Tougher than after having the kiddo. Much tougher than expected. I needed to do this just to get the confidence back. I needed to know I could do this again.

Things worked out better than I expected. First off, the weather was great. I did panic for a moment when I got all the way to The Woodlands and realized that I had forgotten to eat breakfast. Doh! But it didn't matter, because I felt fine. Well, I felt better than fine - I felt great! Of course that might be partially due to the fact that we were moving rather slow. But, I remember looking at my watch and seeing that we were at the 1/2 way point and feeling great. Before I knew it, we were heading back to Luke's and I still felt great. We finished and I didn't feel like I had run 10 miles! Oh and for the 1st time, I took the advice of a certain nutritionist and had chocolate milk afterwards - she was right, it made a world of difference. And it was also great to see fellow blogger, Viv!

Saturday night, the hubby and I went to a costume party. I was Audrey Hepburn (okay, a non-waifish version) and he was Neo from The Matrix movies. We had fun...the costumes were hilarious - Joe the Plumber, Sarah Palin, and the my personal favorite - the Mormon. (I know, I know - not very PC, but it was great!)

Friday, 10/31 - Rest day
Seriously, even if it wasn't my usual rest day, there's no way I would have gotten a workout in. With a 3 year old who is sooooo excited about Halloween she can hardly stand it? Nope. My sister-in-law brought over the younger nephew and the kids went trick or treating. They managed to get a TON of candy...which I have been eating since. Ugh! It was fun and the kiddo had an awesome time - and stayed up much too late. :-) I'll post pics when I can.

Thursday, 10/30 - Treadmill run, 40 minutes
I totally felt like slacking off here. After the kiddos were in bed, I laced up the running shoes, but then I sat and watched 40 minutes of ER. Seriously. I almost talked myself out of running at all, but then realized - HELLO - I could not train by only running 1x per week. So, I decided to only do 20 minutes rather than the scheduled 40. But, once I got going my conscience got the better of me and I finished the entire 40 minutes. It was incredibly slow during most of that run, but I sped up in the middle and towards the end and got it done. Woohoo!

Wednesday, 10/29 - P90X - Shoulders & Arms, 1 hour & Ab Ripper X, 15 minutes
Nothing eventful here either, except I have been increasing my weights by a few pounds on most of the exercises.

Tuesday, 10/28 - Treadmill run, 30 minutes
Nothing eventful here. I did manage to maintain an 11 minute pace and only took one walk break at the 1/2 way point, which for me lately is pretty damn good.

I voted!!! I'm such a dork, I get all giddy as I walk into the polls. I won't go into who I voted for, I'll just say I went with the candidate who seemed less shady to me and who aligned well with me on a majority of the issues. I'm still not completely happy with either candidate, but the more I learn about one, the better the other one looks to me.

Monday, 10/27 - Bike ride, 50 minutes, 13.5 mph
Awesome weather for a ride. I was pleased that we did better with our pace too, getting up to 15 mph at times.

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Viv said...

Great to see you as well! OK 10 miler back in the double digits, and it felt easy! Well, that is jusst awesome! You had a great workout week you need that rest day fo sho! OK we have to meet up and hit those empty roads for a ride soon!