Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ahhhhhhhhhhh Relax!

I am feeling much better now. Sorry for the total freakout on Saturday! But, I needed to get it all out of my system and I am hoping (desperately hoping) that one day I will look back on that post and laugh. I'm hoping that one day I will look at that and say, "HAH! To think I couldn't do a measly 500m in open water, now I can easily do _______m!"

In retrospect, I needed that experience. That experience made me realize that 1) there are no walls to push off of in open water and 2) there are no walls to hang out at and rest in open water. I knew that BEFORE the ows, but you know some of us need to be reminded of things.

Viv, your comment made me laugh...yes, it woulda been great to have you out there, but lord I dunno if that would have been safe for you, lol! And thanks to everyone else here, on FB and the e-mailers for the kind words. I luv ya! :-)

I look at it alot like my 1st marathon experience. I had IT band issues and had actually over hydrated and was feeling nauseous with awful muscle cramps. By mile 21, I was cussing like a sailor and telling anyone who would listen that I was NEVER, EVER IN A MILLION YEARS going to run a marathon again. That I was EFFING STUPID for doing this in the 1st place. By the time I had crossed the finish line, gotten my medal and had found the hubby, I was strategizing about what I'd do differently next time. Nine months later I was running NYC, lol! Or, it could be compared to's painful during and after, but by the time your beautiful baby is home, you've forgotten all the bad stuff.

Yeah, it was bad. But, I am moving on, learning from it and will hopefully end up stronger because of it.

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