Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Total Immersion

Monday, 4/20 - No workout

Okay, rather than do my usual Monday workout, I decided to use that time to watch the TI dvd. If I can swim just a fraction as well as the people on this video do, I'd be thrilled. They make it look so effortless! While it's a little cheesy, the dvd does show several different drills that help you get the feel of how your body should be positioned in the water when you swim, how you should stroke, etc. I could definitely see that there is a major difference in what I do, and what the TI program suggests! I do not roll as much as I should, I think I stroke too often and I am pretty sure that I wear myself out by kicking way too much. My only complaint is that many of the drills are supposed to be done with a partner.

I'll be trying some of these drills at the pool tonight! Let me see if I can survive my lunchtime spin class first...it's my 1st in almost 3 weeks.


Tiggs said...

I'll be your partner...I'm a YMCA member and have a city wide membership...just an FYI :)

TX Runner Girl said...

Thanks Cassie, I seriously need all the help I can get. I think I'd be okay with my current stroke and kick, but it's the breathing that gets me!