Sunday, April 19, 2009

Another weekend re-cap!

Crazy busy weekend...but let's start on Friday...

Friday, April 17 - no workout. blah!
Very annoying and disappointing day as far as workouts go. I knew there was an 80% chance of rain, but the weatherman has been known to be wrong on this stuff, right? So, I brought the bike to work just in case....

Yeah, didn't happen. The heavens opened right as I was leaving. I don't mind running and even biking in the rain, but I don't mess with thunder and lightening! Instead, I thought maybe I could head to the indoor pool at the Y. After 2 hours of driving in intense rain (think 25 mph on the toll road with wipers on high, people with flashers on, etc) and 2 errands done, I made it to the Y. Yep, it's closed due to inclement weather. Drats!

Yes, I could have stayed and run...but I didn't bring my shorts. Only some old sweats. Instead, I headed home to visit with the in-laws who were in town, get the baby's b-day party invites out and get ready for the next day's garage sale. Shit, um I mean, life happens!

Saturday, April 18 - treadmill run, 1 hour, 5.25 miles (11:25 pace)
Dang rain! We had the garage sale and for a few hours, I thought the rain might actually stay away. No such luck though. Again there was thunder and lightening. I originally thought it was going to be a run in the rain kinda day, but it quickly became a run on the treadmill kinda day. I probably should have done more mileage, but I can't take more than an hour on the dreadmill.

Had planned a girls night out, but it was cancelled thanks to the flooding. Naturally, the rain stopped by 6 pm and it was a rain-free evening....oh well, maybe we can reschedule.

Sunday, April 19 - BRICK #2! Bike - 11 miles (16.1 pace), Run - 1.25 miles (10:06 pace)
Glorious sunshine!!! After spending some quality time with the family, I headed out on the bike. (And after DH showed me how to use the adapter with the pump to get some air in my tires! Doh!) I did the same neighborhood route as last week, but was 1 mph slower this week...I blame it completely on the headwind! Then, I rushed the bike into the garage, changed my Garmin to run mode, gulped a little gatorade and ran 1.25 miles. Once again, I started out WAY too fast - after about 2 minutes I was at an 8:50 pace! I slowed it down a bit, but still not enough - 9:20 pace. I was breathing hard and thought my chest was going to explode. Slowed down more. I held steady at the 10:07/10:06 pace the rest of the way and took a walk break so I could sip more gatorade.

Next weekend, I am going to try to put everything together with a mini-tri in the neigborhood - swim in the neighborhood pool with T1 set up there, then bike the loops around the hood with T2 set up in my garage and then run.

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