Friday, April 17, 2009

Operation "Get Faster"

I am on a mission....a week or two before the Zooma 1/2, I decided that once that race was over I was going to go back to some shorter distances and work on 2 things:

1) Getting faster!

2) Throwing out the 5/1s...especially on shorter distances.

Speedwork may be tough to get in, since a 99.9% of my weekday runs are on the dreadmill. But I can be resourceful, so surely I can figure something out, right?

Most of the time, I don't do 5/1s on my shorter weekday runs anyway, but I realize that sometimes it's my crutch - and it needs to stop. I decided that for now, I would give 9/1s a try on longer runs and see how that goes. I would like to get into the habit of not doing intervals for anything shorter than a 10k and eventually do away with them forever.

So that's it - it's in writing, which means I have to do it, right? Oh the pressure! What brought this on? It was quite an eye opening experience to look at my race times from before I had the munchkin - even my slowest 1/2 marathons were faster than my "fast" 1/2 marathons of this year. Yikes!

Party's over. Time to set goals again.

And let's be realistic about this...I have 2 kids, I work full-time, have a helluva commute and have to work around the hubby's oddball schedule...running is not in the top 3 of my priority list. Heck, it may not be in the top 5. But, I do need goals to keep myself motivated and I will do the best I can to meet those goals. It's not like I'm trying to qualify for Boston or anything, but it would be nice to PR my 1/2 marathon time....maybe a 2:10? :-)

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