Thursday, April 30, 2009

More workouts...

Tuesday, 4/28 -

Lunch Spin Class, 50 minutes
Just your normal Tuesday workout day - spin & swim. Our spin instructor was especially fond of the tension increases today, but I love it that I didn't mind. The music was great (think Janet, Madonna and JT) and we sweated our arses off so it was all good!

Swim, 40 minutes
The traffic was horrendous thanks to the floodwaters on I-45. Since it was bright and sunny where I work, I decided to head to the YMCA pool near the office after work - that way I could get my swim in while waiting for traffic to die down. It was great! I swam for 40 minutes and made it home by 6:40 pm! There are times when I am barely getting into the pool in The Woodlands by 6:30 pm. It made me really realize how much time I waste driving to BFE in The Woodlands! As long as the weather is nice, I think I will take advantage of the work Y or just go to the pool in our neighborhood.

For my swim, I did some drills to start - trying to mimic the TI dvd. Then, I did about 100 yds of freestyle before getting completely winded. After that, I did the next 200 yards alternating between freestyle and side stroke. Next, I did 200 yds of side stroke alone - just to get a better feel for it and be sure I could do it when I was in a pinch. I did a few more drills, a little more freestyle and called it a day. This time I was also careful not to push off the walls and only took two rests at the wall.

Oh, and then there was the annoying Dad at the pool who was trying to teach his two daughters how to swim. He was soooo loud. Once, when the lifeguard blew the whistle because he was tossing the girls into the air, he told the daugther to get out and walk over to the lifeguard and find out why she didn't think tossing them was such a good idea. Yeah, he was part of the reason I was ready to go after 40 minutes.

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Jamoosh said...

I thought the louder you are the better you teach.

Doesn't this also work with language issues: The louder you speak to a foreigner the easier it is for them to understand you...