Saturday, September 12, 2009

Friday Run

So much to do, so little time!

We had friends coming over for dinner and the cleaning lady hasn't been at our house in almost a month. So what I am trying to say is that I really, really needed to clean house! And, since I now have Fridays off, I have been on a serious organizing mission. Last week it was the downstairs coat closet. This week it was the kid's toys and playroom. Yeah, just call me Martha Stewart. Okay, maybe not.

So between that and getting the grocery shopping done, I had a pretty full day. I finally got out for a run around 2:30 pm. As I was leaving the house, I thought, "Hey, it's pretty cool out here!". There was a lot of cloud cover and a tiny bit of breeze going. However, by the time I made it out to the main road, the sun had come out and was beating down on me in full force. I ran the 1st mile at a decent pace...not sure how fast because the Garmin crapped out on me. The 2nd mile was tougher. I was getting hot, I took a quick walk to drink a little Gatorade. The 3rd mile was in a section of the neighborhood where I could no longer feel the breeze. By the 4th mile, I just wasn't feeling it. I walked pretty much the entire way back to my house. This is where I am such a wimp....I've run more miles in much warmer weather during my evening runs, but can't seem to do a short 4-miler in the middle of the day. WTH? I haven't had one of these runs in a looonnnggg time, so I guess I was due. Hopefully, it will be a long time before I have another.

We did have a great time with our friends on Friday night - cooking fajitas on the grill, kids playing in the backyard, etc. Fun times!

Today is a rest day for me - I'm going to pick up my race packet at Tri On The Run and then just hangout with the family.

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Meg Runs said...

I hate leaving the house when it's cool and have it get all HOT on me! That's the worst! Sounds like you had a fun weekend!