Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mediocre Run

I am having some serious motivational issues this week. I could not bring myself to go to the Y in the rain during my lunch break to run on the treadmill. Instead, I thought I would just run at home once the kids were asleep. I did run, but it took me a long time to get myself on the treadmill!

I hemmed and hawed - got the lunches ready for the following day, got our clothes ready, did some straightening up, logged into Facebook for awhile, yadda, yadda. You get the idea. I did everything BUT run. Finally, around 9:30, I made myself get on the ol' dreadmill for 30 minutes. Not quite long enough for the 3 miles I orginally intended to do, but still a run. No interval this week - I am taking it a bit easy for the upcoming Tri this weekend. I'm not sure what's happened to my motivation, but I sure it will be back again in due time. :-)

Workout Stats
Treadmill run, 30 minutes, 2.85 miles, 10:30 pace


Meg Runs said...

Facebook or running? These things just eat up our time! Your motivational will come back, maybe it's just one of those weeks! Keep up the hope!

Tara said...

I procrastinate all the time when it comes to my work outs; the main thing is that you DID it!