Sunday, September 20, 2009

What I’ve been up to since Eastside…

Monday, 9/14
I actually felt better by Monday morning, but I took it easy – I did go to work, but I ate only soup and had no workouts!

Tuesday, 9/15
Feeling even more like myself, but decided I wasn’t quite ready for spin class. I did get in a quick, but slow 20-minute run just to see if I felt up to it.

Wednesday, 9/16
Much better today! I ran on the dreadmill for 30 minutes during lunch - no speedwork, but just a nice, even paced run.

Thursday, 9/17
Feeling pretty much 100% back to normal! Did lunchtime spin class, which was outdoors and then swam 1800 yds. :-)

Friday, 9/18
Day off, yippee! I ran 7 of my scheduled 8 miles in the drizzly rain. It felt pretty darn good! Out of Gu, so I used Luna Moons - I kinda like them, too!

Saturday, 9/19
Rest day – spent time with the in-laws and kids. The kiddo had her 1st day of musical theatre class, which she really seemed to enjoy. They are going to perform in The Wizard of Oz in November!

Sunday, 9/20
Decided to check out the neighborhood “running club”. Turns out to be a coach and 3 members. One member is very new to running, so she and the coach ran the 1.75 loop around the neighborhood with a slower run/walk. I waited for the other 2 club members. At first, the coach told me they were running about a 10-minute pace. However, the 2 club members were chatting about how they ran the same 1.75 mile loop in 15:35. Yeah, I did the math in my head – that was less than a 9-minute pace. Even on a good day, there was no way in HELL I was gonna keep up with these 2 chicks!!! But, the coach assured me that this was an easy week for them, so I should come along – they’d be doing 45-minutes with no focus on distance or pace. I lasted about 30 minutes. Then, I bowed out and headed home. Yeah, I kept up, but I was huffing and puffing, LOL! Looks like I might be running solo afterall. I do like having faster peeps to run with, because it makes me want to run faster. But, I am soooo not ready to maintain their pace for a longer distance run!


Meg Runs said...

I felt so slow when I ran with one running group and then in another, I feel like I'm right in there. Maybe you can start your own group or find one that's better suited to your pace and life. Don't give up, they are so much fun once you find a good one!

Jen's Journey said...

Way to go on another tri!!

I just got back from vacation recently so I have not been posting much but check out my latest entry, I think you will be surprised! :)

When is your next race? Aren't you loving all this cool weather we are having? We sure are!

Hope you are doing well. Take care,

TX Runner Mom said...

Jen - CONGRATS!!!! That's awesome news. Next race is the Ten for Texas. I am loving the cool weather, but I just want it to stick around a bit longer next time!