Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Good grief, sometimes being a mom is tough. I certainly don't see how the single ladies do it. Last night, I arrived home from my swim in time to help get the kiddo into bed. I had been leaving after she was in bed, but the days are getting shorter and the pool gets creepy after dark when you're alone. When I walked in the door the hubby was putting her to bed, but I heard screaming, crying, etc. The kiddo was having a complete meltdown. THANK THE BABY JESUS this doesn't happen often, because lemme tell you - it's not a pretty sight. She kicks, cries, screams, throws toys, etc. when she gets like this...and then she gets to the point where she almost makes herself sick. Yep, she's a bit of a drama queen - I can't imagine where she gets that from. ;-) At one point, she said she wanted her toy back (the one the hubby had taken away because of her behavior). The hubby explained that it was her fault it got taken away and she screamed "NO! IT'S YOUR FAULT!" Jeeze, this coming from an almost 5 year old...can't wait to see what the teen years will be like.

Then, this morning I walked into the baby's room and was greeted with the most awful smell. The baby had one of those hellacious, nasty poops...and no, it wasn't all neatly contained in his diaper either. It was on his arms, legs, the bed sheets, his onesie, etc. I had to literally scrape inch thick crap off his hiney and back. Yeah, it's gross, but it is what it is. Eventually, I took him over to the bathtub and washed him there. Ewwww!

So yeah, I was later than usual for a Wednesday meeting - partly because of the unexpected bath for the baby and partly because the traffic was PURE HELL.

So enough of came here to read about training and here it goes:

Monday, 9/7 - Labor Day!

Okay, so I indulged a little with the adult beverages on Sunday night at our friend's house. Fortunately, I didn't have that last Mike's or I would have not gotten up at 6:30 am for my run. I have no idea of my pace, because my Garmin decided to crap out on me. I seriously do think it's on its last leg. It's says "Battery Charging Complete", but then it turns itself off after about 3/4 of a mile. Usually, I can turn it on again and it does okay. But not this time. This time it immediately turned off each time I tried to turn it on again. Grrrr....I wish I could use this as an excuse to run out and buy the new 310xt, but with 2 kids in daycare, recent car issues and a recent reduction in my work schedule, that's just not happening right now. Maybe Santa can bring me a new one...until then, I will go through withdrawals without knowing my pace, calories burned, distance, etc. Looks like I am going to become great friends with again. But, I did get in a nice run with decent pace from what I could tell and it was outdoors, YIPEE!

Workout Stats
Neighborhood run, 4 miles, ? pace

Tuesday, 9/8

I don't know what happened to my motivation yesterday, but I opted to go to the post office during lunch instead of spin class. I did get in 45 minutes in the pool after work. As I mentioned above, I made it to the pool earlier so that I could get in my swim before dark. I did lose count of my laps, which kind of irked me...somewhere between 1300 and 1400 yds, I *think*. I may be asking Santa for one of these as well, which can be found here.

Dorky, I know!

Workout Stats
Swim, 1300 - 1400 yds (lost count), 45 minutes

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