Saturday, September 26, 2009


The adventure begins.


Monday, 9/21 - P90X - Day 1, Chest & Back
I forgot how hard this crap is! Until I started P90X last summer, I never knew how many different types of push ups and pull ups there were - military push ups, wide stance, diamond, dive bomber, reverse grip, etc. Earlier this year, I was still doing P90X on my non-running days and I could actually do real push ups. This time around, I was back to doing girly push-ups again. It was a very humbling experience! And then there was Ab Ripper X. More than just crunches, this core workout kicked my butt again! Ouch!

Tuesday, 9/22 - P90X - Day 2, Plyometrics Bike and Run
Since I don't have time to do P90X and run, I thought I might replace the cardio workouts with running. However, for some reason, I was totally jonesing for a bike ride. Unfortunately, I waited too late to get a real ride in...I started a ride in the daylight, but before I knew it the day was getting dark. Since I don't have any type of light on my bike, I hauled butt home and put the bike up after only 20 minutes. Then, I decided to head out for a quick least with running, I could stay on the sidewalk. I ran 2-miles and it was at a pretty good pace for me! For some reason, I always run faster right after a bike ride. Once I finished, I wished that I would have run one more felt that good!

Workout Stats - 20-minute bike @ 17 mph, 20-minute run @ 9:30 pace!

Wednesday, 9/23 - P90X - Day 3, Shoulders & Arms
This is my favorite P90X workout! There's no pull ups, no pushups, just good old fashioned strength training with free weights. To be honest, my arms, chest and abs were still hurting from Monday's workout. Fortunately, after the warm-up, being sore didn't bother me. I love that this works out your triceps, biceps and shoulders...over and over again. Of course, this is followed by Ab Ripper X.

Thursday, 9/24 - No workout
Had to go to A&M for a job fair. Long day. No workout.

Friday, 9/25 - Long run day (in place of P90X, Yoga - I know, I know not even close to Yoga!)
I did my long run around the hood again. I wanted to get in 8-mile, but life happens and I only had enough time for 6. I have no idea of my pace, because I took a different route and had no idea where I hit each mile. I do know this...I felt like I was going faster than my usual pace. I wish I had my Garmin!!! The 6-miles felt great and I wished I had time for more. However, I had a date with my sweet kiddo - McDonalds and then Cloudy with a Side of Meatballs. Good times!!!

Saturday, 9/26 - P90X, Day 5- Legs and Back
More fun times! Today was garage sale day in the 'hood. It was a tiring day, but still had some energy for a little P90X. Lots of lunges, squats, and some pull-ups (which I did with resistance bands). Ouchie, ouch! I may be regretting this tomorrow when I run. :-)


Meg Runs said...

Hope your run was better and that you weren't too sore!

Viv said...

Awesome workouts mama! love that bike/run whoohoo!

26.2 Princess said...

I can't wait to read about your P90X progress. I started it in early summer and did a modified version for a couple of weeks but realized I just wasn't getting enough rest/off days trying to do that and train for a marathon. I hope that after Chicago and Houston, I'll be able to really try it out.