Saturday, September 05, 2009

Playing Catch-Up. Again.

Thursday, 9/3
Missed spin class due to other obligations. Then, thunderstorms in the evening kept me from swimming. Grrrrr. Sure a rest day is good now and then, but I was a slacker for the 2 weeks following my last tri, so I was looking forward to a good double workout day.

Friday, 9/4
With my new work schedule, I can drop the kids off to school and then head out for my long run. It's great, because that means I don't have to sacrifice evening family time to get the run in! I got in my 8-miler starting around 7:30 am. It wasn't too warm - maybe the low to mid 70's - but the humidity was brutal! Felt like I was breathing pea soup. I was also planning to swim afterwards to make up for my missed swim the day before. However, I really needed to get some things done around the house that I can never seem to do when the little ones are there, so that took priority over my swim. That and a trip to Target and the grocery store and before I knew it, it was time to pick up the kids from school!

Workout Stats
8-miles, 11:12 pace, 1:29:40

Saturday, 9/5
Rest day. I spent 2 hours at the most annoying place on Earth - Chuck E. Cheese's. The kiddo had a birthday party to attend and I was the lucky one to endure the madness that is C.E.C. Joy! And, right before we went into the party, the kiddo noticed that the sole on her sandal was pulling away from the rest of the shoe. What does a 4-year old do in that situation? Pull her shoe apart, of course!!! So we had to run into Office Depot next to C.E.C and buy super glue. The good thing is that the hubby and I had a date night planned, so at least I had something to look forward to later! We saw "The Ugly Truth" - okay movie for the most part. The hubby laughed A LOT more than I did, but there was a good combo of romance and guy talk to keep us both entertained.

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