Tuesday, September 01, 2009

4-miles. Done.

I couldn't believe it - the kiddo went right to sleep last night! That meant there was time for me to get all the lunches and clothes ready for the next day - and I could be on (and off) the treadmill at a reasonable time! Yippee! This was a very good thing, because yesterday's goal was to run 4 miles. Most of the time, the kiddo doesn't want to cooperate at bedtime and I can only manage to get in about 20 minutes on the treadmill before the 10 o'clock news comes on.

The run felt great. I did a 1 mile warm-up at about a 10:40 pace, the next 2.0 miles were around a 10:10 pace, then a gradual cool down. I am finding that it's getting easier and easier to stay in the lower 10-minute range for longer periods. I am a slow runner, I know that...but I feel like I am making some progress. That's the crazy thing that triathlon training has done for me - it has kept me from getting burnt out on the running. Being able to swim and bike during the week and only run 3 days per week has been great. When I do finally run, I am more willing to give it my all. When I am only focusing on running, I have a tendency to just "get'er done" sometimes. Not really give it my all, just go through the motions and get the runs done. I would love to know how my times compare to last year, but for some reason I chose not to record my pace times. Must have been pretty bad...then again, I was finishing grad school and just had a baby too. LOL! Anyway, I do feel stronger than last year - that much I know. :-)

Workout Stats
Treadmill Run, 4 miles, 41:58, 10:29 pace


Meg Runs said...

Being stronger than last year is good...improvement. Great job...you always look at the bright side despite your busy life and juggling, keep it up!

Robert said...

Feeling a stronger is a good thing!