Friday, June 09, 2006

2.9 at the park

Yesterday, I met Roni at the park for a loop. It was a pretty hot day - 91 degrees (but "feels like" temp of 93), but luckily, only 40% humidity per Hey, it's Houston! I'll take 40% humidity over the usual 100% any day!

With the heat, we decided not to worry too much about our speed...we knew it would be slower, as that seems to be the norm with these temperatures. The goal was to just get the mileage done! I figured, even with the heat, it was better than watching mindless chatter on the tv while running on the treadmill.

So, we started out at a decent, but slower-than-usual pace. We also tried to stay closer to the trees, since there was a little more shade there. In my heat-induced delirium, I thought up a name that I thought would be great for a band - "Too Little Shade". What do you think???

We chatted at first, but by the time we made it 1/2 way around the loop, we had both stopped talking. A little later, we decided it was just too hot to attempt conversation. We did stop at 3 of the 4 water was too hot not to! The best fountain was the one at the tennis center where the water is refreshingly cool. I splashed some on my face and neck, which kept me cool for all of maybe 30 seconds. We finished the loop in 32:30, which considering the temperatures, I think is pretty good!

Ah, another day of running! I once again had the nagging aches in my legs, but it was not as bad as the day before. Much to my surprise, when I arrived home with dinner in tow, my sweet kiddo was already asleep! So, I actually had a little time to sit down and study, while icing my legs. I'm not used to the house being so quiet, but I did enjoy it while it lasted!


Vic said...

oh, if only the kids were alredy in bed when I got home. Not really! Well, maybe once in a while. :)

TX Runner Girl said...

Doesn't happen often! Too bad I had to study though, I would have preferred some Calgon and wine!