Thursday, June 29, 2006

Luke's run...sort of

I was debating all day about 1) whether I wanted to run at all (my shin has been aching all day), 2) if I did run, did I want to run with the group at Luke's or 3) if I did run, did I just want to go to the park for a loop? I decided on running with the group from Luke's.

With the 18-wheeler mishap on I-10, I was just happy to arrive at Luke's with time to spare. Much to my surprise, I learned that there was no run tonight because it was inventory night at Luke's! Lucky for me, there were a few other folks who were missed this announcement last week and we had a small, informal running group. I was happy that Mary Jane could make it and I had a chance to meet a few other folks.

We ran to Shepherd, crossed Allen Parkway and ran along the bayou. We reached Waugh, turned around and headed back. I forgot my watch and have no idea of the distance, temp or humidity. By about 1/2 way into the run, my shins were killing me! Mostly on the left, but even the right leg was aching. I was happy to make it back to Luke's, because by the end of the run, my legs hurt with every step and they ached the entire drive home. I am very annoyed by this pain. I want to run, but my legs do not!

Today at work, I made a dr's appointment to everything checked out. Unfortunately, with my insurance changes this year, I can no longer see my favorite Ortho (Dr. Provenzano). Bummer! Last year, I had terrible case of achilles tendonitis the week before the 25K. Dr. P and physical therapist, Harris (who is also a marathoner), had me up and running in no time! I ran and finished the 25K with no problem! My new Ortho is not available until the 17th, so tomorrow's appointment is with my regular dr.

Running Stats
Conditions - Upper 80's/Low 90's, high humidity
Running time - 30 min
Distance - ~2.5???
Pace - ???

WW Stats
Pts used - 30
Activity pts earned - 4
Flex pts used - 6
Flex pts remaining - 12

Run long & Livestrong!


Humble Runner said...

You and I had similar running issues for the day. If you receive any tips for the shin splits, please let me know. Are your shin splits medial or lateral (mine are medial). Bill

TX Runner Girl said...

Mine are medial as well. I'll let you know what I find out.

Vic said...

I really hope you get better. It stinks having to change doctors.

Hey, my son and I were at LePeep at the time the truck caught on fire. We watched the whole thing from beginning to end. It was surreal watching that truck just melt into a big heap of ashes. Still, it made for an interesting lunch, watching the whole thing out the window.

TX Runner Girl said...

Omg, Vic, that would make for an interesting lunch!