Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Checking in...

Well, my 4-day weekend came to an end yesterday, but I thoroughly enjoyed it! I didn't get a chance to run, but I did want to pop in and for a quickie post.

We had a family outing to the beach and then went to the Astros game yesterday using the free tickets from the Astros Race for the Pennant the weekend before. (Gotta love the free stuff!) The seats were a little high up for my husband's liking, but I loved being directly behind home plate! You could really see the strikes from there...not that I was really watching the game...I was too busy entertaining my 1 1/2 year old! She is a total Mommy's girl and wanted to be next to me the entire time. So, even though I didn't run on Monday, I felt like I got a thorough workout chasing her around, lifting her onto the seat, bouncing her up and down, keeping her from eating popcorn off the floor, keeping her shoes on, keeping her from bothering the folks in front of us, etc. Whew! I had no idea taking a toddler to a baseball game could be so exhausting!!! We did end up with a baseball from batting practice though...one of the perks having a cute kid with you...the players are suckers for that!

Anyway, I will be trekking on the treadmill tonight and will report on that excitement tomorrow!

Run long and Livestrong!


atownrunner said...

this was an experience.

TX Runner Girl said...

LOL! That is what I have to look forward to! At least my kiddo is not old enough to ask for much of anything. Thanks for sharing, I feel much better knowing that I was doing good by making it to the 7th inning!