Friday, June 23, 2006

I'm in!

I just had to pop in and post my news...I am going to grad school in the fall!

Yep, I got accepted into the Saturday MBA program that I had applied to. I was getting a little worried, since the application deadline was getting close and those darn GMAT people had a "glitch" that caused a big delay in sending out my scores. But, I got in! Now, I just have to figure out how to balance school with marathon training and work...not to mention being a wife and mommy!

I have one more test - my PHR certification test for work. It's Sunday at 8am. If you're the praying type, please send some good luck prayers my way. If your not the praying type, any kind of good luck vibes sent my way will work too!!

Run long & Livestrong!

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Vic said...

Are you studying? WTG on the grad school thing? I know a bit about balancing school and work and family. Well, I'm not sure I did a good job but for a few years, I was doing schoold full time, work full time, and husband/father(x3) full time. I managed for a few months there to get in pretty decent shape, running 20-25 mpw.

You'll do great. I know. Be sure and have your support system in place. Racing this weekend?

TX Runner Girl said...

Vic - I'm studying, but still not ready! No racing for me this weekend...and, I have to miss the HRB gathering too. I have a going away party for my cousin who is going to Iraq for work.

Vic said...

Aw, I was looking forward to meeting you. Soon, I hope. Wish you cousing well for us and tell him to be safe.

Sarah said...