Friday, June 16, 2006

Study, study, study...

Not much to report.

I took Wednesday off and met up with some friends at Chuy's for dinner and of course, Margarita's! It was wonderful to catch up with some of my former co-workers from the now defunct Andersen! I managed to not do too bad with the diet. I did have too many chips, but not as many as I would have normally had!

Yesterday, I skipped running in order to study some more. I will run with the Houston Fit group on Saturday, but will probably have to take a little hiatus next week in order to really "cram". My exam is next Sunday, so I'm down to the wire here! I had a little panic attack when I realized that I had only reviewed about 1/3 of the material covered on the test. Yikes!

Since this blog is supposed to be about running, I will stop rambling now. I'll update again after Saturday's LR.

Run long and Livestrong!

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Vic said...

Study hard!!!