Saturday, June 10, 2006

Houston Fit - Week 1

Today was the 1st day of HoustonFit's training for the fall marathons! A majority of the group will be running the Chicago, New York or Marine Corps marathons, but there are folks training for a few other marathons as well.

It started as a very warm morning - 78 and according to only 46% humidity, but I really don't believe had to be more like least that's what it felt like. We all met up at Luke's and I was surprised to see that the fall group is much larger than I anticipated. When I trained for NYC three years ago, I think our group was half this size. It was awesome to see many familiar faces - Pam, Mary Jane, Gayle, Fred, Julie, John, Debbie, Alisa (sp?), JoAnne and many more!!! I also thought back to the last time I ran a fall marathon...I didn't really know anyone on the 1st day other than my good friend Marlina. I also met quite a few new people, which was great too!

We did a variation of the rose garden run. I have no idea of the splits, but as our coach advised, we did keep the pace comfortable. I was really looking forward to today and training again, but after about 15 minutes, I did my usual "what the hell was I thinking?" thoughts and tried not to voice any major complaints about the heat. (Um, John was doing the complaining for the whole group!) :-) By the time we made it to the halfway point, I was okay and enjoying the run and catching up with my friends. It was kind of like the old, "so, what did you do over the summer?" thing that I did in grade school in the fall when we all returned from summer vacation. Mary Jane had just returned from what sounded like an awesome biking vacation, another member of the group just bought a home, a couple of folks told us about their experience in the Paris Marathon, etc.

On the way back, we had a little confusion about the route and we ended up going the wrong way (that's what we get for not paying better attention!). But, we all knew where we were headed, so we eventually made it back!

So, here are the stats:

Time: 6:45 am
Temp: 78
Humidity: 46% (???)
Miles: ~6
Time: 1:18
Pace: 13 min (too slow, but it can only get better!)

I am also re-commiting to my healthier eating starting today. I have been going to Weight Watchers for several months now, but I have been slacking off! I will lose 5 lbs, then gain it back, lose it again, then gain it back. I gained 8 lbs last year during marathon training, plus already had 7 pregnancy pounds left to lose. This year, I am determined to get my weight back down! So, to keep myself accountable, I am also going to start recording my WW points used, points earned and my weight loss right here (in front of God and everybody!). Jeeze, if that doesn't make me accountable, I don't know what will!

Just a little background on the WW thing - about 6 or 7 years ago, I had gained a lot of weight after getting married. I lost 32 pounds on WW and became a lifetime member. I kept it off up until I got preggo. It's a great program!

Points used: 26
Activity points earned: 8

Have a great weekend!
Run long and Livestrong!

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