Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Early AM run & a PSA

I am beginning to like the early AM runs! I got to the park this morning at 5:40 am for a 50 minute run. The weather was awesome - cool (yes, you read that right - cool!) and low humidity! Very rare for Houston in June, so I was glad I could be out running early enough to enjoy it! If you haven't noticed, I hate the heat. I know a lot of people who love to get all sweaty because it makes them feel like they've really gotten a good workout. That's not me...all I need are my achey muscles to tell me I've gotten a good workout!

My run was pretty uneventful. Coach Tom sent us a link last week to this great Pace Training Calculator on the Runner's World website. He cautioned us against running our training workouts too fast. According to the pace calculator, I should be running my "tempo" pace runs at 11:00 min/mile. So, I decided to go with it. I made my way around for a loop. Along the way, I noticed a group of 5 runners coming from the opposite direction. They were all side-by-side and taking up the entire path. As the approached, I realized that no one in their group was planning to move, so I was forced to pretty much hop onto the grass. So, naturally, I made a mental note to add a PSA in today's blog....please remember runner ettiquette boys and girls -run 2 or 3 abreast please!!! Okay, PSA over.

So, I ran a loop and then kept going until I had run for 10 more minutes (which was a little past the 3/4 mile marker), turned around and headed back. I actually made it back to the mile 0 marker with about 1 1/2 minutes to spare, so I jogged a tad bit further and then walked back. I felt great! Heck, I think I could have kept going a few more miles!

After getting ready for work, I treated myself to a smoothie...this was after I checked them all out on the web last night to determine which ones had the lowest point content. Turns out, the Raspberry Sunrise only has 6 points! I added some "Diet Down" to it, although I have no idea what that really is! My luck it's not diet-ish at all and is actually supposed to make you gain weight!

Running Stats
Conditions - great! 70 w/50% humidity
Running time - 50 minutes
Splits -
mile 1 - 10:57
mile 2 - 11:06
mile 3 - 10:59
mile 4 - 11:03
.6+ - 6:35

WW activity pts earned - 6!


Vic said...

You at Memorial in the mornings? I can't believe all these cool bloggers are right there, probably stretching on the bench with me or something and I haven't met them in person. One day, though.

This am was definitely nice. Getting up so early this morning is definietly going to catch up with me. I'm taking my son to see the 10pm showing of Superman Returns. ZZZzzzz. Just kidding, no way I sleep through this movie.

TX Runner Girl said...

I'm jealous! I cannot wait to see that movie. I will have to drag the hubby out this weekend to see it.