Sunday, June 25, 2006


Running Stats
Conditions - 6:15 am, 80 degrees (some humidity)
Running Time - 1:36
Distance - 8 miles
Pace - 12:00 (not bad!)

I passed my PHR certification exam!!! I'm relieved to have that out of the way. So, no more studying until grad school starts in August. Now, I can kick back and read some fun books...between the PHR and the GMAT the only thing I've read since March are study guides!

Saturday's 8 mile run began at 6:15 at Luke's. We were doing a West U, Rice run. The temp was about the same as last week, but with less humidity. As always, the first couple of miles seem to be the hardest. In those first minutes of running, the little aches and stiffness make themsleves known. Luckily, once the 1st few miles are over, I seem to get into a groove and it's not so bad.

We started on Peden and jogged to Dunlavy. When we finally made it to Rice U, Felix and a few others were there. Someone asked us how far we had run....when Mary Jane replied that it had been about 3 or 3 1/2 miles, I couldn't believe it! Oh my God, it had felt more like 5! (Again, those tough 1st few miles.) I thought for sure that we were at least at the 1/2 way point. But, a quick glance at my watch confirmed it...we had only been running for 40 minutes. However, unlike last week, after another mile into the run, I began to feel good. Continuing on didn't seem like such a struggle (physically or mentally). It was hot and there were a few minutes that I questioned my sanity (as always). But, by the time we made it round the Rice loop and back onto Dunlavy, I still felt pretty good.

When we made it back I was sad to see no frozen washcloths left. I figured just getting some cool water and gatorade would be good enough. Heading back to my car, I realized that I forgot my towel. It's essential when running in warm weather! Not only can you towel off some of the sweat, it makes a nifty seat cover and you don't have to stick to you seats on the drive home. Here are some other things I like to have handy in my car on hot running days:

comfy sandals
bug spray (darn mosquitoes)
Aleve (or other NSAID)
wet wipes
blister pads (you just never know!)

One last thing...I just wanted to take a sec to send many prayers to my cousin Ron. He's leaving this week for Iraq. He's not a soldier, although he once was and flew helicopters in Desert Storm. He's a wonderful guy with a great wife and 2 kiddos. He and his family recently returned from Belgium, where they were missionaries. Before that, they were in Russia. He currently works for the state dept and is being sent there for work. Godspeed Ron - be safe and hurry home!

Run long and Livestrong!

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Vic said...

Wish your cousin well and Godspeed.

YEAH!!! WTG passing your test. I know you've been studying big time and it really paid off. Relax a few weeks cause grad school's going to be a bear, I'll bet.

I saw Felix this morning while shopping for a HRM. He said his wran part of an 8 miler this weekend. Guess he was out with you guys. Sounds like you had a better run than last week. No frozen towels? Awwww. I think you're spoiled. :) Just kidding.