Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Or lack of.




This seems to be an ongoing theme for me these days. I ran a not so great loop on Friday after work and managed to get in 15 minutes of swimming lessons before Mother Nature once again interrupted the afternoon with thunder, lightening and heavy rain.

Sunday, it took every ounce of effort I had to get myself out of bed and to the park. Once I was there, I hem and hawed getting my ipod Shuffle just right and stretching. Finally, I got going. The 1st loop didn't feel too bad. Even better, the weather was fantastic. 73 degrees! Woohoo. So there was some hellish humidity, but it still felt great. I took a quick potty and gatorade break before starting the 2nd loop and once again hem and hawed before getting going. I almost didn't start the 2nd loop at all. Even after I got going, I toyed with the idea of stopping, going back to my car and heading home. Yes, I'll admit it, I walked a lot between mile 4 & 5. But, I made it around. Mission accomplished.

It was just one of those days where I wanted to get the run in just because I needed to...not because I wanted to. Let's be honest. This was a half-assed effort and the times show it. I need to get my mojo back!

Running Stats
Conditions - 73, humid
Distance - 5.89
Total run time - 1:05:34
Pace - 11:07

Mile 1 - 11:12 (still adjusting the ipod)
Mile 2 - 10:43
.9 - 9:34
Mile 4 - 10:41
Mile 5 - 11:40 (lots of walking)
.9 - 9:46


bunnygirl said...

There's a definite ebb and flow to motivation. Sometimes the only thing that gets me out the door is knowing that I've never regretted a workout and I always regret skipping one!

txrunnergirl said...

bunnygirl, I couldn't agree more. The same goes with eating...I've regretting eating pizza or having dessert, but I've never regretted eating another serving of something healthy!

J~Mom said...

Hey great job getting it done! I am figuring that some days in this heat it's enough just to get it done! :>)

I thought of you this weekend...we were at the mall and I saw a license plate that said "txgirl". :>)

Oh and I took my eye pic down because Marcy did. I need to take a new avatar pic of me..I will soon.

Marathon Maritza said...

I had a very similar run this morning and it sucks. But give yourself credit for getting it done! :) Keep it up!

Jessica, a Houston Runner said...

thanks for keeping tabs on me...my faithful blog runner:)

Randy said...

Great run and kudo's for getting out to get the run in. Keep up the work....

miss petite america said...

there are just those kind of days.

but sometimes when i look back on it, even though the effort maybe wasn't there, but fact that i peeled myself off the couch to just freakin' do it is reward enough.

Vic said...

ok Christy. It's time. Now get that mojo on and get motivated. Great job gutting it out.