Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hot & Steamy

Ah, June in Houston...gotta love it. What other choice is there other than moving somewhere else? I headed to Memorial Park after work for a quick loop before going to school to meet my Econ group to work on our project.

I started at the Tennis Center and made my way toward Beck's. Before I even made it to the 1/2 mile marker, the rain began. The wind was blowing the rain right into my face and I had to stop and walk a couple of times to make sure I wasn't going to lose a contact! The showers stopped as quickly as they started (about a 1/2 mile later), which left the air feeling sticky and soupy. I didn't being my watch, so I have no idea of my time...pretty slow I imagine. It felt great running in the rain, but afterwards, the hot, steamy conditions made me want to slow down. Still not so much motivation going on. I've been stressed out by pretty much every segment of my life lately - school, work, family - there just doesn't seem to be enough time for everything. I know that running helps me keep my sanity, but having the motivation to fit it in has been a challenge lately.

I made my way to the showers and realized that I had forgotten my brush, my shower gel and makeup! Oh the horror! I had to just make do with what I had and get to school...I think that I managed not to scare anyone with no make-up. :-) The good news is that when I made it home, the kiddo was still awake. (The in-laws are in town, so her schedule is out of whack.) We got to read a couple of books before she went to bed...that always makes life a little better.

Running Stats
Conditions - 87 & HUMID
Distance - 2.93
Run time - ???
Pace - ???


scott keeps running said...

it's nice to run in the rain sometimes. lightning on the other hand.... :)

Marcy said...

You are a brave, brave woman!! LOL I look like a monster without any makeup or a brush for that matter hehe.

Awesome job getting that run in!! It can't be easy with all the other things you have going on! Keep it up!!

barbara said...

Way to go! A lot of people would've passed running in that weather.

It may be a day or two early to say it, but I think I'm about to officially say I'm back on track - woo hoo!

jamoosh said...

Stop scaring me. No make-up - the horrors! :-)

Tiggs said...

well moving (at least temporarily) hasn't helped with the weather. i guess if you move, better not head to a pacific island. its pretty much hot as hell here too! LOL!

Vic said...

My thoughts on having enough time in a day...God gave us 24 hours, no more, no less. That must be enough time to do everyting 'cause he hasn't made a mistake yet. :)