Tuesday, June 19, 2007

To swim or not to swim?

This afternoon, I'll have another attempt at the swim class. Will Mother Nature cooperate? I certainly hope so! After last week's interesting weather, I was beginning to wonder if maybe I wasn't meant to learn to swim. Maybe trying a tri one day, wasn't meant to be. Maybe I'm reading too much into this - let's-have- crazy-bad-weather-every-afternoon-now-that-you're-supposed-to-be-taking-swim-classes - stuff. :-)

I'm hoping to leave work on-time, so I can get in a loop around the park first. However, things at work have been interesting, so I'm not sure that leaving right on time will be in the cards today. I'm crossing my fingers!

Last night I did the ultimate workout...the Si6, 58 minute, "Burn it Up" workout. I love it, because I truly "feel the burn" when I do this one. It's kind of a Buns of Steel meets Tae Bo with lunges, squats and floorwork and some uppercuts, punches and kicks mixed in. I rarely do this workout on a consistent basis, because it is almost a full hour. Sometimes, it just seems impossible to commit to a full hour to work out. I was hoping to be nice and sore this morning, but I wasn't. Anyone else love being sore after a good workout? Or, I am I just weird? Wait, don't answer that!

Have a great day!


bunnygirl said...

Of course you're meant to swim. You might also be meant to get a membership at an indoor pool!

*ducking and running*

txrunnergirl said...

LOL, so true!

Anonymous said...

Still haven't worked up the courage to do Burn it Up, but love the soreness when I do Ramp it Up!


J~Mom said...

I hope the weather cooperates today! If I am not sore after a good workout I wonder if I did enough. Great job!

PinksandBluesGirls said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE feeling sore after a workout. If I don't feel sore, I feel like it doesn't count. I also love waking up the next day feeling my muscles super worked. So no, you're not weird! Either that, or we both are! :)

Jane, P&B Girls

Dirt Runner said...

Why even go to the pool, with all this rain, you could run and swim at the same time.