Saturday, June 16, 2007


No wonder I've been so stressed all week...I haven't run since last Sunday! And, because the weather hasn't cooperated with the swim classes, I have only had one decent workout in the pool. Oh, and even though the weather was gorgeous when I arrived at the pool on Friday, the lightening from the earlier storms knocked out the power to the pool's pump. I've decided that next week, rather than working late and then heading to swim class, I'm going to leave on time, run a loop and then head to swim class.

I haven't decided what to do about my LR tomorrow. The goal was 8-miles, but the hubby has to go in to work tomorrow afternoon (yes, on Father's Day!), he mentioned something about getting up early to go to breakfast.

I think taking a little hiatus from running was probably a good thing. One, it might help all those little aches and pains go away and two, part of me was getting bored (it was definitely showing in my attitude towards running for the past couple of weeks).

As for school, things look a little more calm this week. After meeting with my Econ group, it seems that I am behind the learning curve in the subjects of finance and econ. One member of my group is a whiz at both and studies both sujects for "fun". Another member is a close second to the first in knowledge of both, and a third member is pretty close behind him. Then there are the three women in the just took the econ and finance pre-reqs last summer, so she still remembers a lot. Me and the other woman...well, let's just say we have a lot to learn in order to catch up. I'll be damned if I'm going to be the weakest link in the group! On the way home from school, I stopped at the bookstore and picked up some books I thought might help me....

No, I am NOT kidding!

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Marcy said...

Reading up on finance and econ for fun?!? Oh dear LOL

I think it's great that you take a little break from running. Everyone needs a little break sometimes, right? :-)