Thursday, June 14, 2007

Summer of Swim

Yesterday was swim class #2. I was relieved to find that there were a few other girls like me - not afraid of water and can "sort of swim". So, while we were waiting around for class to begin, we attempted to swim a little. One girl is actually a pretty good swimmer, but can't tread water. Since I can tread water, we swapped pointers that we thought would help each other. Nothing against the our teacher (a different person than yesterday), but I think I learned more from the other girl than from the teacher. The teacher had to spend a lot of time teaching folks how to float and do the "superman", so he had his hands full. :-) I am happy that there was no thunder today and we actually had time to get in some swimming...I was worried that I was going to be wasting time floating and would have no workout at all over the two weeks of lessons. After all, spending the small amount of time I have to workout at my swim lesson means that I won't have as much time for running.

After I showered and headed off to school, I recognized a few strider folks taking off for their run. I have to admit, I was a bit envious. Friday I'm hoping to get in a short run after the swim lesson...that would be my very first "brick" workout!

Tonight, I am planning to head home after the swim class and hang out with the hubby and kiddo. I still have homework to do, but I figured I could squeeze it in after the kiddo is in bed. The hubby is actually working days this week, which has helped! It's been a crazy week of multiple school assignments, so it's allowing me to go to the library in the evenings. Of course, I would much rather use that time to hang out with him after the kiddo is in bed. Doing homework is not as fun!

Cassie, I'm taking the swim lessons at the pool at Memorial Park. It's $25 for 8 classes, which I thought was a pretty good bargain. I don't know if I will really learn proper form and technique though...that may requires some one on one time with an instructor. I need all the help I can get!


Marcy said...

Look at you!! Before you know it you'll be a triathlete!! Awesome job!!! ;D ;D

J~Mom said...

That's kind of a bummer that you couldn't get more help from the instructor. Maybe once the first group is floating you will get more instruction.

I am wanting to try some bricks myself!! Let us know how it goes!

scott keeps running said...

i think if i still lived in houston i would have started a swimming blog instead of a running blog. it seems to make more sense in that heat.

i have to give you props for getting in any exercise with that busy schedule you have. maybe even double props.