Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I am happy to say that I did not wake up with any strange aches and pains this morning! I always hear that the day after an accident is much worse than the day of, so I'm hoping that I'm in the clear. I did skip the run yesterday and opted for a warm bath and glass of wine instead. And, thanks to everyone for the kind words and well wishes. Cassie, you're absolutely right - it is just a car! Everyone involved is fine and that's the most important thing!

Today after work, I took the kiddo to the playground. Instead of trying to squeeze in a short run beforehand and only giving the kiddo 20-30 minutes to play, I decided to just let the kiddo play, play, play. I wore my running clothes, just in case..and the kiddo even seemed confused that I didn't get out the jog stroller at first. Of course, as soon as she spotted the playground equipment, she forgot all about running! She had a blast and I had fun just watching her go and occasionally playing chase and sliding with her.

Tomorrow, I'll get in a run after work and will be back on schedule. Now, I better hit the books...there's a Wall Street Journal article with my name on it.


All Blog Spots said...

nice blog

jamoosh said...

Glad to hear you are not too sore. You may want to get checked out anyway. One of my current ailments is from an accident and I never got checked out because nothing hurt too much. Oops. Hope all is well.

Vic said...

So happy you're ok. Maybe I'll see you around Mem park tonight.

miss petite america said...

just read your post about the accident.

glad you're ok and it sounds like you're taking things pretty well.