Friday, May 01, 2009

Operation "Get Faster" - week 2 & Thursday update

Sorry no updates lately...just getting ready for the baby's 1st birthday party.

Wednesday - "Speedwork" on treadmill, 30 minutes
Same workout as last week, but this time the average pace was around 10:20. I am taking the intervals/distance up slowly, because it seems like when I have done hills and speedwork in the past I've gotten injured (Achilles issues, ITB, etc). The run felt great! I enjoyed seeing some of those intervals in the 9's. :-)

Thursday - Spin & Swim
I went to lunchtime spin class even though I really didn't want to. I figured since my swimming is rather slow, maybe I can make up some time on the bike...spin class seems to be helping with that, so off to spin class I go! :-)

I decided to head to my neighborhood pool with the wetsuit for my swim. After the fiasco of my 1st OWS with the wetsuit, I thought that I should try the wetsuit again - but this time, I'd try it in a more calm environment. Sure enough, it was better. I played around for a few minutes, getting used to the buoyancy. Then I practiced my freestyle and side stroke with the suit on for about 100 yds. Finally, I did 300 yds - no stopping, no pushing off at the wall. It went well! It was a combo of both the side stroke and freestyle, but overall the distance was no problem. Next, I took the wetsuit off and did the same thing without it. It was funny, because my 1st 50 yds or so without the wetsuit felt funny. I noticed my legs sinking, so I had to adjust accordingly.

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