Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The countdown is on!

Holy crap, my next tri is just a few days away!

I haven't practiced transitions - and I still need some work on these!
I am still pushing off the pool wall - there are no walls in the open water!
I never bought a new tri top - 'cause I am sick of wearing the same one over and over!


Okay, I'm calm now.

Actually, I am feeling pretty good about the upcoming tri. I've gotten in a couple of OWS practices (although I'd still like more), my running is getting stronger and my biking is not so bad either. Unless the conditions are just crazy awful, I think I will do just fine!

My goal for the swim is to just finish. Well, goal is to actually freestyle a majority of the swim and maybe finish in the same time I finished Memorial Hermann. I don't know if that's realistic since Memorial Hermann was a pool swim. But it was a sucky, slow pool swim even for me! And, let's face it, my freestyle is coming along but my sidestroke is still faster. (Weird, I know!) I've upped my swim schedule from 2 days each week to 3, which I really think has helped.

My goal for the be faster than Memorial Hermann (18.7 mph). TriGirl has a nice flat course, so I am hoping that I can maintain a decent pace. My only concern is that there are several turns...Memorial Hermann had very few turns. However, when I did TriGirl in May, I was still pretty slow on the turns on my bike. I've been practicing turns, so that I don't have to slow down to 12 mph every time. :-) And, I've continued to hit the lunchtime spin class when the work schedule allows, so that has helped with my endurance.

My goal for the run is to maintain a 10:15 pace, which is fast for me. I *think* I can do this. At TriGirl in May, I maintained a 9:50 pace. However, that run was only 2 miles. I think I am pretty consistent an maintaining that pace over 2 miles. Memorial Hermann had a 3 mile run and I maintained a 10:37 pace. Something about that additional mile after swimming and biking makes me doubt my ability to run faster than a 10 minute pace. (God, can you imagine me in a 1/2 IM or an Oly? All kinds of freaking out would be going on!). But as a side note, I seriously think that if I had worn my Garmin at Memorial Hermann and known my pace, I would have pushed myself to go a faster.

So there you have bring it!


Tara said...

Wow! Sounds fun; I'm sure that you are going to rock that tri! I would like to get into triathlon next summer....we'll see. I do the running and the biking. Just have to start swimming. Ugh.

Sarah said...

That's funny, I actually think of TriGirl as one of the hillier courses in this area! They're small, but they're there. :)

Meg Runs said...

You'll do great, you certainly have been training enough!
Good luck!

TX Runner Mom said...

Sarah, that's funny! Maybe I've forgotten the hills on purpose. :-) I do remember a nice downhill section on the way out though!

Jen's Journey said...

Best of luck for Sunday! I know you will do great, you have trained and are ready!

Swim, Bike, Run!!!!! Go get em'

Viv said...

Take it to the house Christy! I know you will do fantastic and over achieve your goals! I will send great vibes your way plus really sweet water condtions. Not like tasty sweet but calm :-P

Robert said...

Good luck with your races and training...looking forward to you visiting my blog and following too as I will start to follow this blog as well.


cami said...

Best of luck on your tri today!

Jen's Journey said...

Thanks! It is really bothering me on and off which is annoying but there is not much I can do. I went to an doctor here in the Woodlands, Dr. Dural at Kelsey Seybold and she was great. They did an MRI and x ray back in April and I have arthritis, bone spurs and all kinds of stuff going on there in addition to my ITB. So I started physical therapy but it still hurts. I have good days and bad. I just have to keep icing and doing what i can!

Hope your tri went well this weekend! Thanks again for stopping by...


TX Runner Mom said...

you were soooo right - there were hills and of course they were on the section that you do 2x! That sucked since I train in a very, very flat areas!