Sunday, August 09, 2009

Tri training continues...

Sorry for the long post...just trying to catch up!

Thursday, 8/6

Thursday I was back to my usual T/Th two-a-day schedule. You know the one - spin at lunchtime, swim after work.

Spin class was the usual brutal workout - this time there was some major climbing that I was quite sure my quads would feel it later. (And they did!) I really didn't want to go to class and I wasn't feeling "it" at 1st..but, Richard is a great motivator and great at getting the class pumped and before long I was cheering on my "team" and kickin' ass on the bike.

For my swim, I decided to take my chances and try to swim at the neighborhood pool. Doing this would give me some family time before the kid's bedtime. The only problem is that the pool is often full of neighborhood kids and I don't feel I get in a good, quality swim. It's a gamble. However, as summer has gone on, I've noticed the pool being less and less crowded, so it was worth a shot. When I 1st arrived, I was worried...there were kids and people all over. But, most of them were in the shallow end of the pool and many began to leave. Fortunately, I did get in a good swim! With the exception of 2 asshats who decided to swim laps perpendicular to the lap lanes for awhile, I had the lap lanes to myself. It didn't go as well as last Thursday with my freestyle breakthrough, but it did go well...much less sidestroke and much more freestyle.

I think that I have made some progress in my swimming by swimming more often in the past few weeks, but I think I should be further along by now (if that makes sense). I keep telling myself that everyone progresses at a different pace and that things will eventually "click". We'll see. At least I know I can cover the distance at the tri!

Workout Stats
Spin class - 50 minutes
Swim - 1 hour, 1500 meters - warm-up, drills, 300x2, more drills....

Friday, 8/7

Typical Friday - work, family time, long run. Last week, I thought I'd be running 7 miles. This week, I changed my mind - it would be six and that was final! My quads were feelin' the spin class from the day before, so I was a little concerned. But, once I got going it was not bad at all. In fact, the temps didn't even feel that bad. At first. By mile 3, it had hit me - it's frickin' hot!!! I varied my regular routine and hit the neighborhood gravel trails for a couple of miles, just to help the ol' joints a little. I maintained an 11:20 pace until my final usual, I slowed it down at the end. My average pace was 11:34. Compared to last year, this isn't too bad...but obviously, I still have a lot of work to do.

Workout Stats
Long run, 6 miles, 11:34 pace (hot, hot, hot!)

Saturday, 8/8

Tomorrow is going to be crazy, shopping with the kids, nap for the baby, laundry (yuck!) and then THE WIGGLES CONCERT! :-) Because of that, I decided to do my Sunday brick on Saturday....not like Saturday was any less busy, but it just seemed to fit in better.

I really didn't want to go out and do a brick. I wanted to hang out with the kiddo and hubby while the baby was in bed and watch a movie or play a board game. But, the hubby convinced me that if I didn't do my brick, I would feel guilty tomorrow...yeah, he knows me so well! So off I went for a short brick - 8 miles on the bike, 2 mile run. There was nothing too exciting to report about the brick, except for a discovery - wind bites on the bike, but it rocks on the run. It was hot as hades, which I don't feel too much on the bike except when there's also a headwind. On the run, the breeze helped the heat seem a little more bearable. This was the last brick before my tri next week and overall, I was pretty pleased with the results.

Now I am tired dear readers. Plain and simple - T-I-R-E-D! Time for me to get some sleep. Tomorrow is a rest day and trust me, I will ENJOY it!

Workout Stats
Brick - 8 mile ride (16.5 mph), 2-mile run (9:55 pace)


Meg Runs said...

Thankgoodness for our motivating husbands! I still can't believe you do everything you do in a a WIGGLES concert. Amazing. By the way, I don't do tri's so I was wondering what a "brick" is. I'm guessing buy not sure. Thanks...relax today or something please!

TX Runner Mom said...

Hey Meg!!! A brick is just 2 back to back workouts to help get you ready for a tri. You can do a swim/run or a bike/run. I did the bike/run - bike, hurry and put bike in garage and then off for a run.

Viv said...

Look at all that training. Surely it will all pay off this weekend! That is awesome on a great spin instructor. Motivating instructors that have a plan to make you a stronger cyclist are the best! PS look at that speedy run off the bike, you go!!