Friday, August 28, 2009

Workout recap

Just so I have a record....

Friday, 8/28 - sick munchkin = no long run. Went into work to make up some missed hours earlier in the week. Such a crazy week!!!

Thursday, 8/27 - Making up time from previous day, so no lunchtime spin class. Awesome swim - 1850 yds - that's over a mile! It took me a hour to do it and I did have some rest breaks in there, but the longest swim to date. And, about 95% of it was freestyle - yay me! (100 warm-up, 3x500, 50 in drills/form work, 3x500, 3x700, 50 misc.)

Wednesday, 8/26 - No run. Long day - funeral and then work.

Tuesday, 8/25 - Dr's appt at lunch, so no lunchtime swim; 30 minute swim, 900 yds, stopped due to lightening. Dang lightening!

Monday, 8/24 - Quickie 20-something minute dreadmill run - 2 miles, 10:34 pace

Sunday, 8/23 - Family time - no workout

Saturday, 8/22 - Evening run - 6 miles, 11:25 pace (I think) - Made DH take the kiddos to the pool with me to distract him a bit.

Friday, 8/21 - Run rained out - lightening again! - Had the day off and was gonna get a run in after taking the kiddos to school. But, had to take the baby to the doc again. Darn ear infections!

Thursday, 8/20 - Lunchtime spin class (Richard introduced fartleks to the class...and I thought that was just in running) and swim cancelled due to lightening (Grrrr....)

Wednesday, 8/19 - 20 min easy treadmill run

Tuesday, 8/18 - Unplanned rest day - no workout

Monday, 8/17 - post tri rest day

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