Saturday, August 01, 2009

Friday Night Run

Yeah, you know you're a grown-up with kids and no life when you only have your Friday night runs to look forward to. :-)

I started my run later than usual. I intended to run 7 miles, but it was dark by the time I was done with my 1st 3. I ended up shortening the run to 5, because I am a big ol' chicken and don't like to run the neighborhood loop after dark. There are too many dark places and well, even though I live in the fairly safe world of suburbia, I am not naive enough to think that nothing bad could happen. Ya know?

The worst part of the run was the humidity - 88%. The temps were supposed to be cooler, but I couldn't tell. It was fricking awful! Usually in the evenings I have to contend with the heat, but the humidity hasn't been too bad - until today. To be honest, I was happy to stop at 5 miles...the 1st 3 weren't too bad. In fact, my pace was slow but consistent and I only walked a few steps to drink some water. The last two miles were hot, but I maintained the pace and took one walk break. Not the best run I've done, but certainly not the worst...humidity and all.

Next week, I will get in those 7 miles! At this rate, it's going to take me forever to get into the double digits.

Workout Stats - Friday, July 31
Neighborhood run - 5 miles, 57:20, 11:28 pace

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Meg Runs said...

The humidity sounds pretty harsh to me, nice job running on a Friday night. I think I might have thrown in the towel and waited for Satuday morning, I love lazy Friday nights. You're tough!