Monday, August 10, 2009

A Wiggly Day

Warning: this isn't a running related post...just thought I'd get that out there before you read it. :-) If you don't have kids, you may not wanna read this. Trust me on this.

Ahhh rest day - gotta love it! The hubby had to work, so I took the kiddos to church and then went searching for a sleeping bag for the kiddo to use at tomorrow's indoor camp out at school. Academy had 3 girly sleeping bags - a plain pink one with teddy bears on it, Dora the Explorer and Hanna Montana. On the academy website, they also had a Disney Princess sleeping bag, but that one was not in the store. Can you guess which one she picked??? Yep, Hanna Montana! I guess my girl is getting to the age where she's too old for Dora...yet, in my opinion, is still a little young to get the whole Hanna Montana thing. At least Hanna Montana might last her a few years. You know, before she thinks HM is lame and moves on to something else. Like punk rock.

Once the hubby made it home from work, we hopped in the car and headed downtown for The Wiggles concert. Yeah, you read that right - THE WIGGLES. We took the kiddo to see them 2 years ago. She was at a good age to see them, but still too young to realize that those were REALLY The Wiggles. This year, she's on the cusp of considering herself too old for The Wiggles, so we thought why not take her one more time? Kids grow up way too fast and next summer, she'll probably be begging us to take her to see Miley Cyrus, Madonna, Coldplay or something. We had great seats, but there would be no mosh pit, ever try to crowd surf on toddlers? Not easy.

Here's the kiddo with her Wiggly souvenier...
yes, she has a talent for picking out the most expensive one at every event we've ever been to.
This show was no exception.

Here she is with her sign. The Wiggles make a point of reading each and every sign in the audience!
Can you tell we've been to see The Wiggles before? We were prepared, lol!

The baby stayed with my parents, but in retrospect I think he would have loved all the lights, music and dancing. I have to admit, when the show started I realized that I was actually excited. The first Wiggle walked out - the purple one, also known as Jeff and the kiddo looked at me with an "OMG THAT'S A WIGGLE! A REAL WIGGLE" look on her face and I looked at her (probably with the same expression) and said "IT'S JEFF!" They came out together in the "Big Red Car" and the crowd went crazy. I'm not just talkin' the kids here people...the grown-ups went apeshit too.

The madness begins...The Wiggles in their "Big Red Car"

More singing, dancing and good times!

At one point, two of The Wiggles - Sam, the yellow Wiggle and Murray, the red Wiggle - came out into the audience. Parents were scurrying around getting their cameras ready (including us). Fortunately, we were sitting on a wide row and both of the guys walked right past us and the kiddo got to give each one a high-five. She was ecstatic! In the row in front of us, one kid was so excited that he kept jumping up and down when Sam stopped to tell him hello. Sam put his hand up in the universal "gimme a high five" sign, but the kid kept jumping up and down. Finally, the kid realized what Sam was doing and he stopped just long enough to give him the high five before continuing to jump up and down. Hilarious!

My camera has that annoying delay...Here's the kiddo with Sam, the yellow Wiggle.
He was bending down more, but my camera missed the moment.

Damn camera!!! I clicked right when the kiddo was giving Murray a high five (you guessed it, he's the red Wiggle),
but with the camera delay I missed the moment.
Grrrr...but, you can tell from the look on the kiddo's face that she is super happy!

I have to admit, I am envious of The Wiggles...not because they get to live out their dream of being musicians and perform on stage night after night with their entourage of dancers, making kids all over the world happy. No, that wouldn't be why. It's because these dudes (four of them) are freaking GENIUSES! They were all musicians, some were trying to start a college rock band. The children's music they created was originally just a project for their college early childhood education program. When they came to the realization that they were getting nowhere with the rock band, they went with the whole Wiggles thing. In fact, there's even a rumored "fifth Wiggle" much like the Beatles had a "fifth Beatle".

Now, they have a long-running television show, close to 30 dvds, multiple platinum cds, Taiwanese and Latin American versions of their show, and now there are "Wiggles World" areas in theme parks all over the country (including Fiesta Texas in San Antonio) and "Wiggles World" is even branching out to theme parks in Dubai. They had to replace the original Yellow Wiggle a few years ago, but are still going strong. And don't even get me started on all the products - dolls, lunch kits, backpacks, t-shirts, books - you name it. They have employees in both Australia and Dallas, and they even have their own recording studio. Geniuses, I tell ya!

Yeah, sign me up to be a Wiggle.


Viv said...

LMAO at the sign!! So cute! Riley is gonna be a little rock show fanatic just like her Mom! Andrew loved the wiggles in concert a few years back. He kinda looked like us at No Doubt!

TX Runner Mom said...

LOL, I can total see Riley in a mosh pit one day. She had a great time dancin' and singin'!

Meg Runs said...

I know, I don't have little kids in the house...well, my grandson is ten minutes away, but I am a K teacher so I had to see what the Wiggles were about. Yes, true geniuses! I especially LOVE their car. Thanks for sharing even though it isn't running!!

Tara said...

I bet your little girl was absolutely LOVING that show! How fun! My 14 year old daughter has watched Hannah for a few years (in fact, I hear it on right now), but is starting to get into MTV. UGH. I wish she would stay innocent and young!

Blessed with Boys said...

I actually miss those Wiggles days.
When Tyler was two, he watched The SAME Wiggles VHS tape all the way from Houston to FL. After our week long vacation where he watched it every evening, he again watched it on the way home. Unfortunately, all that watching wore out the tape. He screamed for the Wiggles for an hour an 1/2!! we were in the middle of NO WHERE! Finally we saw a Walmart and of course we stopped and bought their last Wiggles videos! Whew!!!

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