Monday, August 03, 2009

Weekend Re-Cap

Saturday, August 1
Saturday was my rest day, although with 2 young kids there really isn't any rest to speak of. Any other parents know what I'm talkin' about.

We started the day by heading over to Peanut Butter Jam at Market Street. This was a fun festival for the kids...booths were set up with all kinds of fun activities and crafts for the kids and there was a fun kid's band. The kiddo enjoyed the crafts, but both kids especially enjoyed running and playing in the water. One thing neither kid seemed to enjoy was Readi Clinic's Run E. Nose....seriously, a dude dress up like a nose? Ewwww!

Next we headed home for some lunch and down time. Then, we headed to Missouri City for my cousin's baby shower. Needless to say, it was nice to sit on the couch and unwind once the kids were in bed!
Sunday, August 2
Sunday, the kiddo and I headed to Palm Beach at Moody Gardens with a friend and her daughter while my parents watched the munchkin. He's had a fever since Saturday thanks to his 3 new teeth that are coming in, so we decided to let him stay out of the sand and sun. The kids had a great time riding the water slides, playing in the sand and running through the splashpad. I'll post some pics when I have a chance.
Later that afternoon, I headed out on my bike for a brick - 10 miles on the bike and a 3-mile run. It took me a little while to really get into the groove on the bike, so it was slower than I would have liked. As usual on the run, I started out too fast and paid for it later. My average pace for the 1st miles was 10:10....not bad, but considering the heat, it was too fast. As I ended my 2nd mile, I was down to a 10:26 pace. By the end of the run, my pace was down to 10:38. The goal was to only walk at each mile, since that's where the water stations will be at my next tri. However, the heat got the best of me and I ended up taking another walk break 1/2 way into mile 2. After my brick, I thought about it - I was in the sun all morning and probably didn't hydrate well enough. I am hoping that I am well rested and well hydrated on race day, so that my performance is much better than it was yesterday!
Workout Stats - Sunday, 8/2
10 mile bike - 16.2 mph
3 mile run - 10:38 avg pace

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Meg Runs said...

Such cutie-pie kids but how can you EVER have a "rest" day?!