Tuesday, August 18, 2009

TriGirl Sprint

It was a fun race....I met some goals, missed others...it's all good!

300 yd swim - 6:36
T1 - 1:50
Bike - 35:59 - 18.3 pace
T2 - 45.7
Run - 31:16 - 10:25 pace
Total Time - 1:16:28

Race report coming soon!


Jamoosh said...

So, I am not up on your different paces for the three events (I'm a male - sue me), but your cycling time is awesome!

TX Runner Mom said...

Thanks Jamoosh! That's pretty much where I've been in all three races...keep in mind it was only 11 miles though. And the folks who actually place at these things - 20 - 21 mph! Biotches, lol!

Meg Runs said...

Great attitude! I'm sure it was fun!

By the way, thanks for the encouragement on my blog!

Steph. said...

Are you also on MomsLikeMe.com? I thought you were--thanks for stopping by my blog. I will have to read back on your blog as I try to whip myself back into shape and eventually into tri-kind of shape! I admire what you've done!

Jen's Journey said...

Yea!! You did GREAT! Looking forward to hearing all about it!