Wednesday, August 05, 2009

It's only Tuesday???

To make up for my missed swim on Monday and because I knew I'd be working late, I headed to the MP pool on Tuesday morning. I ended up in the same lane as last week, which meant I got hit by the current created by the water coming down the pool slide. It doesn't sound like it would be that much of a current, but everytime I was finishing up a lap, I'd end up bumping into the lane divider, lol! I shared a lane with 2 folks who were with a group that meets every Tuesday and Thursday to do drills. Apparently, there's a member of the group who is a pretty knowledgeable swimmer and has coached her kid's teams...she comes up with drills to work on each week and sometimes they just work on distance. They invited me to meet up with them when I can and they also run a loop before beans! Unfortunately, I spent so much time gabbing that I only did about 800-900 meters!

I had some errands to run during lunch to prepare for the hubby's birthday, so no lunchtime spin class for me.

Workout Stats - Tuesday, 8/4
Swim - 30 minutes, ~800 meters

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Meg Runs said...

Sounds like fun, new running/swimming friends.

Thanks for the comment on the shoes...I DID buy the impractical ones but I just couldn't pass them up..too whimsical. The good thing is that I can wear them to work since I'm a teacher and the majority of my clothes look like costumes anyway!!

Take care,