Saturday, August 25, 2007


Yesterday's Houston Fit training schedule called for a 30 minute run. I also have the bike in my car with its shiny new tires. Hmmm...94 degrees at 4:00 pm with a "feels like" temp 568 degrees...which should I choose? Then, a co-worker stopped by and mentioned she also had her bike with her.

Yep, the bike won.

I know I'll regret it on Sunday when it's time for my LR, but I figured heck, it's only 6 miles. :-) It was a great ride! I wish I had time for more - 1 hour, 13 miles.


RunningCrazyAfter3 said...

Um, in my opinion it was a no-lose decision! You still got your exercise and you got a great bike ride :) WTG on just getting it done!

Viv said...

Bravo, on getting a bike ride in. I just bought a used Trek bike and I am completly lost. I have to fill the tires with air and I can't figure that out. OMG!

J~mom said...

Some days I am so torn about which to do. I wish I had time to run and bike everyday! Great job getting your ride in!