Friday, August 10, 2007

A little "me" time

Well, today I am almost officially done with school! I do have some final touches to make to my take home final for Econ, but that's it. I have 2 weeks of freedom until the fall semester begins...and I am officially 1/2 done with my MBA!

I had the day off from work, so I scheduled a doctor's appointment and an eye doctor appointment. You know, the stuff that you can never seem to cram into the regular work week. I even managed to get suckered into getting my tetanus shot. But, I did get to squeeze in a movie with one of my friends from school. We saw Becoming Jane. I loved it! I love Jane Austen, plus it was just the kind of mushy girl movie I love. I saw some great previews too (Lust Caution, The Jane Austen Book Club, Things We Lost in the Fire and August Rush) . I forgot how much I miss going to see chick flicks!

I did a little shopping for fun clothes and then spent the rest of the afternoon playing with the kiddo in her inflatable pool in the backyard. Fun, fun! I sure the neighbors loved seeing that. :-0

Yesterday after work, I headed to the bike trail for a ride. Cassie, the trails are along White Oak bayou, near 610, between 11th street and a bit past 43rd. I decided that since I wasn't doing an extremely long ride, that I would try to push my speed a little more than I did on my previous two rides. And I did! I was alone so there was no coasting along and chatting. I was pedaling pretty hard the entire time...well, except for the downhill sections. But, I felt like I made myself earn those downhills.

During the ride, I started to think about the bike I used to ride in Jr. High and High School. It was a red 10-speed that my parents bought me for Christmas. I loved that bike! I loved riding! Suddenly on Friday, those memories came flooding back. I recaptured that feeling. I was never a runner in my younger days. In fact, I hated running, so my love of running was a total shock to me. But cycling, it's different. I think I am going to like this biking thing. I really do!

So anywho, I was quite proud of myself. The 8-mile stretch that I did on my very first ride took me about 40 minutes. This time, it only took 32:50. Not fast by any stretch of the imagination, but better. I reached the turn around point in just over 17 minutes, so when I turned around I decided I would try to beat that on the way back. And I did! I never negative split in running, so I was pretty pleased with myself. And, I added another 2 miles to make an even 10 with my last mile as a cool down. Good times!

And, I tried a little jogging after loading up my bike. Yep, I can definitely see why brick workouts are a must! It wasn't pretty.


Tiggs said...

oooh, I am going to see Becoming Jane on Wed night. Looking forward to it!!
I think I will check out the bike path soon. It is mountain bike only or is it road bike friendly?

barbara said...

I know you are missing that Econ class already. Enjoy the end-of-summer break!

J~mom said...

Sounds like a great movie! I would love to see it! Glad you got some "me" time! Does my 5K this morning count as that? :>p

Marcy said...

Aaaahhhhh it's so nice to have some "me" time. Looks like you're going to be a butt kicker with that bike! Awesome job!! Do I see a duathlon in your future?

Sarah said...

That is a great bike ride! I'm doing the math in my head, but I think that's somewhere around a 15 mph average. Very respectable.

Viv said...

Awesome ride! I have been wanting to see Becoming Jane. I will have to bribe the husband to get some free time. I'm using my free time this week to volunteer at the Ironbabe tri on Sunday. Glad u enjoyed ur "me" time. With your schedule u deserve it!