Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Really junky junk miles

Things I learned while running yesterday:

  1. Don't assume your hubby locked the front wheel of the jogging stroller back into place after he used it.

  2. Above said stroller will roll right off the gravel path if the wheel is not locked into place.

  3. Always, always check the front wheel of stroller before heading out on a run!

  4. I become a grumpy, bitchy Mommy when running in the heat with a runaway stroller.

  5. When I become the grumpy running Mommy, I tend to verbalize the "What the hell?" and other obscenities, when I thought I was only *thinking* them. Luckily, I don't think the kiddo heard that.

  6. Jog stroller + head wind = really crappy run
Okay, so other than watching total crap on TV during my break from school, I have also been trying to spend lots of quality time with the hubby and kiddo. Since the hubby had to be at work early yesterday, I decided to skip my HR association meeting and take the kiddo to the park. I could run my scheduled, measly little 20 minutes and then we could hang out at the playground. Whoohoo!

On the way to the park, I was thrilled that my temp gauge read 92 degrees - much better than the 99 it showed a few days ago. When we 1st started on the run, I noticed a breeze. It felt awesome! So, I ran 10 minutes out and then took a 1 minute walk break and turned around. At this point, the wind at my back became a head wind. Lovely! The remaining 10 minutes of my *run* was pure crap. I ran for a minute, walked for a minute. Ran for a couple of minutes, walked a couple of minutes. Then, there was the stroller mishap...the (unlocked) front wheel caught a part of the gravel trail that had eroded and the stroller veered to the right. On Memorial Dr. Luckily, I had the strap around my wrist and I could pull the stroller back on track before it went off the trail completely and into the street. I'm sure those running past could hear a few obscenities coming out of my mouth. The kiddo was completely oblivious. She thought it was just some bumpy fun. So much for a measly 20-minute run...it was 10 minutes running, 10 minutes of junk.

We eventually made it back to our starting point and headed to the playground. I think I got a better workout chasing after the kiddo there than I did on my actual *run*. And, I learned the key to getting the kiddo to go home. While the other kids are crying and having total meltdowns at the words "it's time to go home", I just have to tell the kiddo that there are Dora Fruit Snacks waiting for her in the car and she runs straight to the stroller and hops in. Not so nutritious, but it does the trick...bribery works well with an almost 3 year old! Score! Thank God for Dora!

After the kiddo was asleep, I watched Shooter (pretty good) and started to watch Factory Girl about the Andy Warhol film star and momentary "it girl", Edie Sedgwick.

Marcy - I think that one-eyed guy from 300 is Vincent Regan. He was in Troy (with Brad Pitt) and the tv series "Empire". Hope that helps!


barbra said...

Well...the bright side of your story is I did laugh at all the cussing!

I don't run with our 3-year old in tow, but we do take him in the regular stroller for walks a lot. Never boring, always stressful.

He wants in the stroller, he wants out. He wants in, he wants out...

B-A-R-B-A-R-A said...

Oh My Gosh.

I can't even spell my own name.


RunningCrazyAfter3 said...

Nothing wrong with a little bribery...especially when everyone in the park thinks you have a perfect angel ;)

There is never anything good to me about a run with the jogging stroller. I just say good for you for getting out there and doing it!

Marcy said...

At least you go out with the kiddie in a jogging stroller. I'm too wimpy for that LOL

Ohhhhh thanks for that link. I was actually thinking of David Wenham "Dilios" but I noticed that King Xerxes is Paulo on "Lost" OMG I didn't even recognize him. He looked like a drag queen as Xerxes LOL

J~mom said...

I hate, hate, hate my jogging stroller but like it more then not jogging. LOL It's such a love/hate thing.