Thursday, August 23, 2007

What's my melting point?

I decided to run at a new location - 1) it was closer to my job and on the way home and 2) a change of scenery sounded nice. As I was changing clothes in the restroom at work (always a lovely experience), I realized that I forgot the Garmin. Oh well, since I am still getting re-acclimated to the heat, I figured I would be going slow anyway. I did have my trusty old ironman, so I would at least know when to stop running...that's always a good thing.

Nothing exciting to report about this run. The 35 minutes didn't seem like much, but I felt like I was going at a snail's pace the entire time. OMG, it was hot (94 with a "feels like" temp of 104!). Next, I realized that there were no mile markers. I had no idea if I was really going as slow as I felt, but it really felt like I was moving at a snail's pace. Luckily, there was a breeze and lots of shade. I thought about running on the paved bike trails, but there was no shade there. I know it's not possible for me to melt ride into the sidewalk, but I really thought I was going to. I felt like I was going to turn into one of the clocks in the Salvador Dali painting. I made one pit stop to grab my water bottle from the car. I was sweating non-stop, I figured I better just carry my water with me the rest of the way.
I remember at one point, looking down at my watch and thinking that I had to be at least 25 or 30 minutes by now. Then, when I glanced down, I found that it had only been 17 minutes! Ugh! But, I finally finished. 35 minutes on the training schedule...35 minutes done. There's another 30 on the schedule this week and then a measly 6 miles on Sunday.
When I arrived home the hubby had dinner ready! That gave me time to play with the kiddo. She went "shopping" with her pink, mini shopping basket. She collected "groceries" throughout the house and brought them to me to "check out" on the ironing board. It was too funny - she had a baby doll, my old cell phone, a puzzle, a tiara, among other things. After she "paid" and I bagged the groceries, I thanked her for shopping at Mommy's store and told her to have a good day. She replied with a "you're welcome" and a "you too!" as she walked away with her bulging bag of groceries. :-)


Marcy said...

Awwwhhhhh playing grocery store is super fun! Keira always pays with those magnetic credit cards (the faux ones you get in the mail). She'll even bring them to real stores and tries to pay for our stuff *rolls eyes*

barbara said...

I logged an extra 25 minutes at lunch today - I'm ahead of the plan this week!

I'd like to get my husband signed up on the "I made dinner" program. Can you explain how that works?

TX Runner Girl said...

Barbara the dinner thing is rare, trust me! LOL!

RunningCrazyAfter3 said...

That was so sweet of hubby to make dinner! Nice to have some quality playtime with the little one, I'm sure. Glad to hear you didn't melt ;)

J~mom said...

My Dh makes dinner quite a bit but it's just because he doesn't want to die from my cooking! LOL!!

Viv said...

Great job, on getting the run in with the heat yesterday. I have had that feeling too when you think it surely has been a 1/2 hour and you are only 1/4 way in to it. I turn my watch over to not look at it, thinking it would go faster. Umm..does not work, I will flip my wrist and keep lookin! What a great night qualty play time with the kiddo and dinner ready!