Thursday, August 09, 2007


Okay, so no workouts yesterday. I had to get some of that pesky take home test done! So, to make up for it, I give you more eye candy...

You may have known his as Charlie, the responsible, parent-figure to his four siblings on Party of Five. Now, he's known as Dr. Jack Shepherd on LOST. He's no DB, but he's still yummy!

I'm planning to get in 10 miles on the bike tonight and some running in the morning. That'll probably be it until we get back from our weekend adventure on Monday. I am sooo ready for a break!


J~mom said...

Oohhh yummy! :>)

The swimming is from the book or video (I just have the book) "Total Immersion Swim Techniques".

It first advises you to get a straight line in the pool and find balance. So you are supposed to press your chest down a bit to bring your legs up to the surface. If you do that then it reduces your whole load you are carrying...I am sure I am botching that. LOL

Then it talks about rolling on your side to breath instead of staying flat. You should picture yourself staying as streamlined as possible and roll from side to side as you glide through the water.

It has 5 or 6 tips like that to work on. They all make sense and really seem to help!

HTH a bit..I am guessing you might be better served with the book. LOL

Marathon Maritza said...

He is very cute! I can't wait for Lost to come back year! :(

Marcy said...

OMG I love him!!! Although he kind of turned me off this past season with Lost with his jack*ss attitude. He is one fine, fine, fine hunk of man though. Thank you, thank you for that!

Anonymous said...

I stopped by for a visit but now I feel like I accidentally walked into the wrong restroom :-O


Viv said...

Hey Runner Girl, thanks for the eye candy. LOL @ Steve's comment! Would it be cool if I linked your blog in my blog? Does that make any sense ;-)

txrunnergirl said...

Hey Viv, go for it and I'll do the same!