Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Double Digits

Yesterday was my 1st double digit ride on the bike - 20 miles! Yay me!

A friend/co-worker and I hit the trails after work. It was hot. It was humid. It was better than running in this heat! We took it at a fairly easy pace. I felt like I was getting a workout, but honestly, I could have gone faster. I started feeling a tiny bit tired on our 2nd 10-mile loop, but in all, I think I could have kept going. I'm going to get in one more ride later this week (probably just a 10 miler) and try to push myself more on that one.

Overall, I am enjoying the riding! It's still really new and exciting to me and I want to go faster and faster! I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to walk today, but I feel great. A little sore in the hammies, but nothing else. Well, except maybe my hands. I can see why people bike with gloves! I do still have the mountain bike and I am wondering if my friend is going to come through with the road bike. I'm getting more and more tempted to go ahead and just buy my own bike now rather than waiting....hmmm, we'll see.

This morning, I managed to get in 20:51 on the treadmill before the kiddo woke up. I was going for 40 minutes, so maybe I'll squeeze in another 20 minutes after the kiddo is asleep tonight. I still have my Econ test to finish, so who knows.

Biking Stats
Conditions - 97 degrees! (I would never run outdoors in those temps)
Total distance - ~20 miles
Total time - ~90 minutes
Pace - ?

Running Stats
Conditions - treadmill
Total distance - 1.92
Total time - 20:51
Pace - 10:51

Update 10:21 pm: I got in one more 20 minute run....1.81 miles, comfy 11:02 pace.


Marcy said...

All you new bikers are making me jealous. I kind of want to try, but I don't know. I saw a cyclist on my home this afternoon and it's CRAZY how close cars get. Kinda freaks me out. GREAT JOB!!!

Steve Bezner said...

I've been getting into biking as well. It's my butt that's taking the longest to acclimate!

J~mom said...

Great job!! 20 miles!! That is awesome!!

txrunnergirl said...

Steve - I hear ya on the butt issues. I am noticing that more today than yesterday.

Tiggs said...

you're riding a mountain bike on the trails right? where are the trails exactly?

scott keeps running said...

nice ride. i haven't got my back out all summer. maybe i should. everyone seems to be having so much fun on them right now.