Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Off Track

I ended up having to work a little later than expected tonight and then the kiddo did not want to go to sleep! It was 9:30 when she finally began to snooze. So, that left some time for Finance, but not much else. I also noticed that the prof assigned an additional chapter to work on for our class on Saturday, so I'll end up using the early morning hours to start reading that. Hopefully, I'll be able to squeeze in some time tomorrow night to get in the scheduled 30 minute tempo run.

I have a Dr's appointment scheduled for Tuesday for my back. My Orthopedic referred me to someone who specializes in back pain, so hopefully I can get the back problem taken care of! Woohoo! So, that just leaves the foot to worry about.

Barbara, I'll tell my prof what you said. I'm sure after that, he'll really want to give me an "A". Hahahaha! And yes Holden, it seems I am falling apart...jeeze, a girl turns 35 and it's all downnhill. (Thank God that's not completely true!) :-)

One last little tidbit - I lost a whopping 0.2 at WW this week. But, I am perfectly okay with that, because it officially puts me at my pre-pregnancy weight from 3 years ago. I've been here once before...right before the Chicago Marathon last year. Then, I ran my marathon and promptly gained back 7 lbs. Sigh. That's not going to happen again. I only have 5 more lbs to lose to get back to my WW goal weight! Jeeze, now if my body would get back to its pre-pregnancy SIZE! ;-)


barbara said...

Um....on second thought, don't tell him anything! I don't want to get you in trouble.

This fitness challenge we have is a combo of weight loss and strength gains. Which means I have to commit to behaving in my diet for 12 weeks!

I'm a lot happier eating M&M's but since I did put some back on from my sprained ankle (decreased exercise but still eating the chocolate) I really needed to take it off.

5 pounds lighter than last Thursday when I weighed in. How funny is that! I'm sure some day I'll have that totally flat Pilates ab look again. Right???

Viv said...

WTG! on getting back to your pre pregnancy weight. You can see that goal finish line, fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Check your email for info about the Striders Cross Country Relay! We're on the same team!


Marcy said...

CONGRATS on getting back to that pre-pregnancy weight. Ugghhh you know what's sad is that I probably weigh less now but my body is so jumbled that I couldn't fit into anything pre-pregnancy. These darn kids!!! LOL JK!