Monday, August 06, 2007

Someone has a case of the Mondays

Can someone please explain how the work week goes by so slowly, but then the weekend flys by in a flash?

I actually had a great weekend, which makes it so much harder to return to work. Friday, our groups got together after work to practice our presentations. Then, we worked on our Econ take home tests. I'm sure having Pina Coladas made for some interesting answers. :-)

Saturday was our last official day of classes. It was a crazy day! We had presentations in both courses and both presentations went well, so it looks like an A is in order! Between the two classes, about 2/3 of our class went to the library to finish up our take home tests. Once classes were over, we went out for drinks with our Econ professor and our Stat professor from last semester. That's one huge difference between undergrad and grad school...going boozing with the professors. :-) We went to a wine bar - Salud! - which actually turned out to be a complete winery. I wanted to sample half the menu, but I was good and only had two glasses and some bread and brie (lunch). Yummy!

Sunday was the hubby's birthday. He went fishing in the wee hours of the morning, so I knew a real LR was out unless I was going to run the entire way with the stroller. Quite honestly, I was tired from the past week! I decided not to set the alarm clock and managed to sleep in until 7:21!!! Woohooo! The kiddo and I went to church (for about the 3rd time since I started grad school..sad!), the grocery store, did laundry, got the kiddo a hair cut, picked up a cookie cake and went to the pool - all before the hubby made it back home. Then, we celebrated by grilling burgers, hanging out with the sister-in-law and her family and just relaxing.

(No, this isn't the hubby's cake...borrowed from cookie co website)

Now, I just have to finish our take-home final for Econ. Don't let the "take-home" part fool you. Take home usually means "piece of cake" right? Not! This professor gives us wicked hard take home tests. The last one took me about 10 hours of research to complete, since a lot of the material on the test was not in our notes and not explained well in our textbooks. So, now you know what will be consuming my time between now and Friday. Ugh!

No, I haven't run since Sunday of last week. Yes, I feel nasty and gross. But, the good news is, I have a 20 mile bike ride to do right after work tonight. That should get me back on track...if I survive it!

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