Friday, August 24, 2007

It has begun!!

About a week ago, I received the following e-mail from my Finance professor:

I have have posted a preliminary version of the syllabus and, for your information, a copy of my curriculum vitae.
In preparation for the first class meeting, read the assigned portions of Chapters 1, 15, and 3. You may also want to download hard copies of Tables A1, A2, and A3 from Blackboard.
As a prerequisite to this class, you are expected to be thoroughly familiar with the time value of money concept and to be comfortable working with present value, future value, and rate of return problems. If you are at all concerned about this material, read Chapter 2 of the text, and review the problems specified in the narrative (not mentioned in the assignment table).

See you in class.

Sigh. And so it has begun. I received my textbook on Wednesday and since I am clueless about the items in red, I have been reading chaperter 2. Ugh!


barbara said...

Oh! That sounds like so much fun! Actually, this pretty much nails it as to what I do for a living - the part you have in red.

So that may not sound like fun to you, but it does to me!

Viv said...

Oh, so much for that trash t.v.
good luck with it!

Dave Smart said...

Present Value....I am familiar with the concept but always have difficulty explaining it, but it goes something like a five dollar bill a year from now is worth four dollars today, and the financial people I know get excited about some (NOT) fun formulas they use to describe the concept. Good luck!

Holden said...

Cool! Finance and International Finance was my favorite subjects when I went through the MBA rigomarole.

I hope you have an HP 12C calculator. If not, go buy one quick! It is de rigeur for all finance geeks.

Holden said...

Plus, after mastering this stuff, you can run rings around any finance guys at car dealerships and mortgage houses. Just showing up with the HP 12C calculators makes financing folks uneasy.

J~mom said...

I just started my class. My first one in years and years...probably in 10. Are you doing it online? I have to login to "blackboard".