Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I did my spin class during lunch and as always, it kicked my butt. Never before have I sweat so much in an hour! And the instructor insists on making us race each other...I hate that, mainly because I never freaking win. For some reason, I am always paired with the lady who has been coming to the class for 2 years. When she goes fast, I swear you can't even see her legs - they're a blur, lol! Oh well, it's good to do intervals! Oh, and we also have to repeat whatever the instructor says and YELL goes something like this....

Instructor: I'm getting up this hill!


Instructor: I'm bad. I'm tough. I'm leaving everybody behind me. (emphasizing the "everybody")


LOL, yeah when you're out of breath, it can be hard to yell this stuff and sometimes the class ends up in a fit of laughter. Good times - masochistic, but good.

Yesterday was also my regularly scheduled swim day. I decided to head to the indoor pool…it was raining and I wasn’t sure what the rules are at the Y regarding rain and the pool. Naturally, there was only one lane open because the rest were filled with kids taking swim lessons. Fortunately, there was only one person in the open lane! The guy in the lane was going back and forth continuously with no breaks in between, so I couldn’t ask him if we could share the lane. I stood there for a few minutes, because I honestly don’t know what proper pool etiquette is - Do I just hop in and start swimming? Do I wait until I can ask? I didn’t want to screw up his rhythm by tapping him on the shoulder the next time he came to the shallow end of the pool and did his little flip-thingy, lol. Finally, I just hopped in and when he came back to the shallow end, he stopped to let me know he was going to be decompressing his spine and would stay out of my way. Okay, so here we go.

The 1st lap was not so good…it always seems to take me a minute to get into the groove. But the 2nd 50 was better, because I was working hard to remember to relax and breathe. Not great, but definitely better. When I got to about 350 yards, another guy hopped into the lane and asked if we could do some circle swimming. No problem. I’ve shared a lane with him before, so I knew he was faster than me and I let him go ahead. About that time, the 1st guy in the lane went back to swimming laps. A lap or two later and a girl joined us and then her husband. By then, I had been in the pool about 40 minutes and decided I’d do 2 more laps and call it a day. And to be honest, trying to share a lane with so many people freaks me out and I turn into Spaz Girl all over again…this of course worries me, because I know at a tri there are people in the water all around you with legs and arms everywhere. Anyway, by the time I had finished the 2 laps, I was out of breath and annoyed at myself for freaking out.

During my swim, I came to a conclusion: I am going to have to try to find a way to get at least one more swim day in every week from now until the tri. Seriously people, I am making this way harder than it should be. Need practice and more practice!

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