Monday, March 02, 2009

Some pics...

Just a couple of pictures I've been meaning to share:

The kiddo and I decided to try something new for Valentine's Day, so we made "Cake Balls" which are pretty much like truffles. Little did I know that we would be spending so much time making and decorating them...but it was worth it because they were both fun and delicious. By the way, I found the idea on the Pioneer Woman's blog. The recipe is here...and yes, I did throw my normally healthy diet out the window for these!

Here's the munchkin's 9 month snapshot. He's such a cute little sweetie, isn't he??? In the second pic, he's doing his signature hand up in the air, "hey, what's up" move. He does that a lot, lol!


Blessed with Boys said...

Oh, he's soooo cute! Looked like a lot of fun making those truffles!

K said...

What a cutie-pants!