Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rest you say???

Today was the weirdest of weird all started with a big stinky poop.

From the baby of course!

I seriously think the baby was going for some kind of all-time world's record for the biggest, stinkiest poop ever! I usually get up, shower, get dressed then wake up the kids. Although they almost always wake-up before I get to them. This morning, I heard the baby on the monitor - awake and happy, just talking to himself. I walked into his room and it hit me.


Make you gag smell. His sleep sack was all wet so I carried him at arm's length over to the changing table, because I already had my work clothes on. When I unzipped his sleep sack, there was runny, nasty poop everywhere! At first, I asked the Kiddo to get a wash cloth, wet it and bring that and the baby wash stuff to me. Then I noticed that there is even a layer between him and his onesie. OMG and the's the 1st time I've almost gotten sick from a smell!!! So on second thought, maybe a washcloth won't work. So, into the bathtub he went! Somehow I still managed to get both the kiddos to school and make it to work 10 minutes early.

I also had a lunch meeting, which meant no spin class. Bummer too, because I was really looking forward to it...especially since I had dinner plans and needed something to make me not feel as guilty for drinking a margarita. :-) As I was sitting in the meeting, I received a call from the kiddo's school...she was having stomach issues and needed to be picked up! I left to pick up the kiddo and fortunately, we made it home right before the skies opened up and the monsoon started. The hubby picked up the baby from school and as we're getting everyone settled, the electricity went out! Good grief! Fortunately, the power came back on about an hour and a half later and DH offers to take over so I can still make it to dinner.

Dinner plans were with the group of gals that I'd be sharing a B&B in Bastrop for the Zooma Austin 1/2. Dinner plans = no swim after work.

So, Thursday was a day of rest. I enjoyed it, but I can't have too many of these!

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