Friday, March 06, 2009

Scary Things!

Katie and I decided to check out a new pool venue and headed to Branch Crossing. The cool thing - there aren't hundreds of kids taking swim lessons, which means there are open lanes! The not so cool thing - you are one with nature. We stopped at the wall between laps and all of a sudden realize there is a huge spider on the pool-lane-divider-thingy! Huge. Like this one.

Seriously, the one in the pic was the twin brother of the one we saw at the pool! Fortunately, the 2 high-school aged life guards jumped into action and managed to capture the beast. Well, okay they sat there while we shrieked like school girls and eventually got up when we asked them if they could get rid of the monster. We did manage to get some good laps in once the spider was gone. But hey, when you're at the Shadowbend Y, you have to dodge even nastier stuff like big clumps of hair and God knows what else is floating. It was kinda cool to swim under the light of the moon.

I'm planning to run a 10-miler with the peeps from Woodlands Fit tomorrow. Wooohooo, runs with the girls are few and far between these days, so I am psyched about that! I am sad to be missing out on the fun with my Texas Independence Relay team, but I have other plans for the weekend..........
Best of luck to the Battling Bloggers of the Republic!!! I'll be there with you in spirit!!!
See ya on Wednesday!


Jamoosh said...

What's a good girl like you doing in Vegas.

Viva Las Vegas!

K said...

Have a great time in Vegas, Christy!

Barbara said...

Blech on the spiders! But I'm jealous of the trip to Vegas.