Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lovely Sunday!

The weather was amazing again! If only it could be this awesome every weekend!

The kiddo started the day with more stomach issues...I don't know if she was still recovering from the bug she had earlier or if she was getting the bug again from the hubby. Anyway, we ended up skipping church, just in case there was more stomach trouble. There wasn't, so we went to the TeamiTri picnic and transition seminar. It was held at a local park, which is pure torture for a 4 year old when Mommy says, "We'll go play after the seminar". I finally caved and walked over to the swings with her. The rest of the time, I let her play on the playground and 1/2 listened while I watched to make sure she was okay.

The seminar was great! It answered a lot of my dumb questions and my not-so-dumb ones too. I am excited to practice my transitions! In fact, we have a member of our little group of tri-girls who has a pool, so we will be doing a mini-tri to practice our transitions. We also received our TeamiTri technical shirts!

We ended up coming home and playing outside for a couple of hours, so I have some supah-sexy tan lines from my v-neck t-shirt...I only wish I was wearing shorts because my legs are ultra-glo white!!!

The achilles still hurts, but with the ibuprofen, it's bearable. Still icing and stretching! I will call Dr. P's office tomorrow to see how quickly I can get in...hopefully soon!

The hubby is still sick and the kiddo is still not quite 100% (but you couldn't tell that from the way she wants to play...only from the lack of eating). I didn't want to make my sick hubby try to entertain the kiddos while I rode my bike, so I skipped it. Life happens! I am just hoping and praying that the baby and I can get through the week without catching the bug!!!

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